After Telangpu prosecutes impeach case by assemblyman of the Democratic Party or be faced with Xin Yibo law to examine?

Comprehensive report, telangpu of the president before the United States impeach case already issued heavy curtain at falling a few days ago. However, local time 16 days, thompson of Bernie of assemblyman of American Boule the Democratic Party initiates federal suit, criticise Telangpu is incendiary Capitol is deadly and riot. Beautiful intermediary points out, the end of impeach case or the law that are aimed at Telangpu for Xin Yibo are examined open wide a gate.

Assemblyman of the Democratic Party initiates federal suit

Accuse Telangpu incendiary congress is tempestuous

Associated press says, thompson is the first place with respect to congress insurrection be related is opposite the congressman of federal suit since Telangpudi.

According to the report, thompson criticises  建筑模板Telangpu is incendiary Capitol is deadly and riot, mix with its lawyer ultraism organization is put-up, preve 建筑模板nt congress attestation process of electoral round vote, try to cancel the result that Bai Dengsheng chooses.

This lawsuit still call-overed Telangpu's lawyer, before Zhulianni and extreme of two white men organize Lu Di of Newyork city mayor.

The report says, usually, the action that American president takes between lieutenancy can be avoided at be being sued. But this 山东大州建筑模板有限公司lawsuit is standing of government of individually and rather than is aimed at Telangpu, the duty that says any behavior in controversy hold the position of a president with him has nothing to do.

Lawyer Sailesi of Thompson expresses, seditipc木工模板是什么材质KJ附近哪有建筑模板卖BMon, or the election outcome that tries to intervene congress approves constitution place to protect, these act are unthinkable inside day-to-day responsibility limits of the president. He still emphasizes, from the point of this respect, his bearing resembles other any average citizens are same.

On Feburary 13, gi什么是模板KEnseng courtyard announces Telangpu is in the 2nd times in impeach case innocent, this impeach case accuses Telangpu is incendia[......]

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The European Union announces fast antigen check to check an agent current detailed account contains product of much money China

In report occupied new network o建筑工程模板价格ACn Feburary 20 report of news agency of couplet of Europe of cite of Europe couplet net, local time on Feburary 18, to solve an European Upvc 建筑模板 工厂nion 27 members country antigen detects confused problem, the fast antigen that the European Union lists each member country all is 长宁木业有限公司approbated checks product detai模板批发建筑ACled list, include check of fast antigen of a few China to check an agent among them.

According to the report, european Union he 建筑模板alth and food safety commission hold appoint Jiliyajidesi (Stella Kyriakides) expresses, european Union protocol a fast antigen checks product detailed list, discuss through each me微山县峰伟木业有限公司mber country, decided what check of more than 10 fast antigen checks an agent finally to detect as a result attainable each country is approbated.

According to the product detailed list that European Union committee publishs, the fast antigen check that this the Europea建筑模板一般多少钱n Union approves checked an agent to include product of much money China, basically have Le Pu (Beijing) Inc. of medical apparatus and instruments (the SARS-CoV-2 antigen of Beijing Lepu Medical Technology) detects quickly Inc. of biologica建筑工程模板l product of gene of east of reagent box, Zh合格的建筑模板ejiang (Zhejiang Orient Gene Biotech Co. , the quick check of Ag of coronal shape virus of Ltd) checks agent box to wait.

Jiliyajidesi points out, check of unified and fast antigen checks an a 建筑模板gent, it is us the one part of craze of new to the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College coronal, special be in a travel field. And the result that these fast antigen detect must want multilate建筑模板十大品牌AWral and mutual admit and approbate, receive admissive letter o 建筑模板r report in whole European Union, because this must be united,detect建筑工地模板 things, just achieve this one goal likely. (Rich source)

Original title: The European Union announces fast antigen check to check an agent current detailed account contains pro[......]

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Syrian army says division of border district of week of Damascus of Israel air attack

Damascus of Xinhua News Agency on Feburary 28 report (Wang Jian of reporter Zheng Yihan) Syrian army says 28 days, is建筑模板多少一块rael is opposite that evening area of border district of week of appraise capital Damascus starts missile to make a surprise attack, down of system of appr木工模板价格a石坊木业有限公司ise air defence major missile.

Syrian department of defense makes a statement that evening say, local time 22 when 16 minutes, israel army launchs air attack from dire 建筑模板ction of its occupational Ge Lan upland, to Damascus periphery many targets fire missile, intercept of system of appraise air defence and dow建筑木胶板价格n raids missile for the most part. Statement did not allude the personal casualty that air attack causes and belongings loss circumstance.

The reporter when the accident hears tremendous detonation in Damascus the city zone, see there often is air defence missile to had delimited in sky.

Israel respect has not make a response to this one incident.


After Syrian civil war erupts, with army for many times in order to hit in 建筑模板stallation of Iranian military affairs target of churchyard of air attack apprais建筑模板那家好e. Syria and 动画模板Iranian government all deny Iran to there is garrison in appraise. On Feburary 15, area of Damascus week border district ever made a surprise attack by missile, appraise army criticises Israel launched air attack. On Feburary 25模板有什么品牌AN, u.S. Army battleplan carries out b建筑工程模板厂WDomb to area of border of Syrian the eastpart part, syria gives subsequently strong condemnation.

Original title: Syrian army says responsibility of area of bor建筑模板供应厂家de 建筑模板r district of week of Damascus of Israel air attack edits: Ceng Shaolin[......]

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BCI official net falls secretly frame " boycott Xinjiang cotton " statement

[boycott Xinjiang cotton is worn 去哪买建筑模板KTto state below BCI official net] in October 2020, switzerland is good cotton develops association (BCI) an亚欧木业有限公司nounce look forward to of pair of all Xinjiang cotton to cancel to ass济南泽浩木业ure till the cows come home attestation, let Xinjiang cotton product enter the blacklist of international trade. And this yea 建筑模板r Chinese people condemn b求购工程复模板多少钱一块LKoycotts the member brand such as BCI an广西建筑木模板生产厂家d H M hind, BCI issues the statement that wore this to新型建筑模板价格多少 cause a mighty uproar secretly. . . . . . The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) , a Europe-based Organization, announced Last Year That It Was Ceasing All Operations In Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Amid Accusations Of Forced Lab德州建筑模板公司or. The Statement Has Disappeared From The Organization'汉中模板厂s Website As Backlash Grows In China Against The Organization An建筑木模板KWd Its Members' Attempts T 建筑模板覆膜板ABo Boycott Xinjiang Cotton. (Screenshot ViaBCIwebsite)

Responsib 建筑模板ility edits: Ceng Shaolin[......]

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[yangtao takes law small key] _ eats methodological _ how to eat -

Cover monkey peach is the common fruit of daily life, nutrient composition Zuo is very tall. The flay that peach of monkey ill will cover is below the case that a lot of people take yangtao is relatively disadvantageous. But actually the edible method of cover monkey peach is various, and卖建筑模板哪里有KY flay also is have a few little skill. If advertent means, eating yangtao also is very convenient, what does that Zuo concern the edible method of cover monkey peach and little skill to have? The cover monkey peach that these perfect 1. thoroughly presses moment gently to feel its flesh is relatively soft forcibly, his edible method is very simple at that time, can take a clean watermelon knife, cover monkey peach from the one divides into two intermediate, the ladle with subsequently clean reoccupy digs the flesh inside to put instantly eat in the entrance it is OK to go down. The s 建筑模板ave labour when be being saved already in that way clean environment is wholesome. A peach-shaped thing of 2. cover monkey is right still use at doing applebutter, its flesh is fresh and tender, it does reoccupy below the circumstance of applebutter, can put flesh muti_function in arrange machine, agitate is become mushy, add old rock candy mix is even, bloat be soiled a few hours, in putting the flesh of cover monkey peach that has bloated to clean boiler again subsequently, add lukewarm临沂市永固木业 burn, reoccupy slow fire boils ten minutes, boil flesh of cover monkey peach ability is OK after giving ropy slimy state flameout. The cover monkey a peach-shaped thing with these 3. relatively good flesh needs expurgation skin, cut becomes lump later, the fresh fruit supplement that can love it and other oneself is together, irrigate on proper salad sauce, after fruit of make it yoghurt is scooped up, eat again. Cover monkey peach gets rid of in Qing Dynasty after exocarp, acquisition flesh stil菏泽市牡丹区万方木业有限公司l can be put in fruit juice machine to ex河北廊坊木模板厂家tract fruit juice workers to also be u[......]

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[garlic and gout] - of effect of _ action _

The head of garlic is a kind of indispensable flavoring on kitchen of every family dining-room, but the head of garlic divides flavoring beyond, will see the head of garlic still can produce first-rate officinal value adequately to the body in the eye of older generation person. One kind when gout also turned harm into more and more person human body compare是什么建筑模板ACs serious condyle illness quite, in the light of gouty patient character, it is important that control food became, and the head of garlic is aimed at controlled gout to have help effect? Concerned the head of garlic studies gouty practical effect, there also is certain narration in 建筑模板 data of a few medicine, it is the garlic element component with particular the head of garlic, body of OK and active sex is hemal, increase capacity of job of haemal circulatory system, after the ability of job of haemal circulatory system when the whole body is powerful, can incidentally the endotoxin of body of metabolic one's previous experience, relieved gouty symptom gradually. Modern new and high science a覆膜板建筑模板nd technology carries medical data in, the effect that studies gout about the head of garlic is accord without doubt, but emphasize additionally, the head of garlic treats gout to help remedial method as Zuo only. On clinical medicine, come not easily with the head of garl建筑红模板生产厂ic cure, western medicine comes to the Chinese traditio建筑模板供应厂家nal medicine that always uses sex of a few purposes treat gout, this ability is research, right to science take seriously of the patient greatly relatively. Want to treat gout with the head of garlic, should be to went to a hospital doing groovy check-up, appropriate after taking the drug that feeds a doctor to give out, reoccupy the head of garlic comes Zuo is aided treat gout, ability can develop the head of garlic adequately to study gouty practical effect. It is without doubt the head of garlic studies nature ventilated it is to have the practical effect with have[......]

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[summer can eat ginseng] _ summer _ affects -

Hill joins everybody to understand, be human body of very nourishing preserve one's health, effect and action are very tall, after taking not only the immune capability that can promote human body, return the generation that can prevent a lot of disease, healthy to body and mind profit is very much, hill ginseng is the thing that fills greatly, price also is commonly very the price is high, average person falls to the case that takes ginseng, it is to choose in the winter, anxious meeting summer congress get angry, can that summer eat ginseng? Can the summer eat ginseng? The summer can eat ginseng. Activity of body of summerly nature's mystery is compared relatively excited, kinetic energy and nutrient element by a lot of expend, morpheus diminution of quality, appetite is reduced, person easy exhaustion, fitness also suffers an effect normally, and the top grade that hill enters evil of more counteractive heat. If coating on the tongue is hoar,not be white be bored with, or thick be bored with, or yellow be bored with, or attention is spent word, can take ginseng feed fill, in addition summer takes the ginseng that feed hill to be able to be helped up originallying this, promote the immunity of airframe the function, those who prevent chronic in the winter disease come on, have the effect that wintry ill summer studies. Although be big,hill joins those who fill article, but hill joins the medicines and chemical reagents that in Chinese traditional medicine the vest in in material makes the水利工程建筑模板 same score a gender, should not be in summer the tonic that takes sexual heat, but choose action of nourishing preserve one's health,relatively downy hill ginseng Zuo is eatable, and the activity in body of summerly nature's mystery relatively relatively excited, kinetic energy and nutrient element are expended relatively fast, take hill moderately to join nourishing preserve one's health practical effect is first-rate. Does the summer take ginseng suffer from exc[......]

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[pregnant is inchoate and OK drink honey water] _ of _ pregnant early days can be drunk -

Pregnant initial stage is can of honey water, because honey lemonade contains a lot of carbohydrate,the key is, be to be able to avoid constipation to reach its to promote the human body of新型建筑模板价格多少 pregnant woman counteractive capability, still can raise Yan Meirong to reach its to raise Morpheus quality to wait, because this is below the circumstance of pregnant initial stage,the nutrient composition of measurable edible honey lemonade is relatively Ga drips occasionally. Be in in the light of pregnant woman pregnant is inchoate between the of edible honey lemonade, edible had better be begun after eat, do not suit to be before eat, the appetite that can create pregnant woman is reduced. Be pregnant inchoate can honey water1, pregnant is inchoate, be can of honey water, pure honey inside nutrient element is more, amid is varied carbohydrate is the body be sure to, but if blood sugar is worth,need not have been drunk relatively so high that the word suggests. 2, of honey water, still can avoid constipation, assistance chooses natural labor, the varied nutrition element such as zinc, magnesium is contained to reach a variety of nutrition elements in pure honey, can drive digest, increase appetite, improve Morpheus quality quality, promote airframe counteractive capability. 3, accurate mother has honey to still can prevent constipation and haemorrhoid to bleed reasonably appropriately, be pregnant hypertensive syndrome, be pregnant the disease such as anaemia. Pregnant woman in a day when honey water1, pregnant woman is daily going up, each put several pure honey in the drinking water midday, can prevent to be pregnant reasonably hypertensive syndrome, be pregnant anaemic, be pregnant close spell the disease such as hepatitis. Additional, pure honey delay issues embellish bowel, can prevent constipation and haemorrhoid to bleed reasonably. 2, pregnant woman faces the drink before sleeping lemonade of a cup of honey, have calm the nerves it is OK that filli[......]

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[wrap around together the quantity of heat of Sa] - of calorie of _ of _ nutrition value

Wrap around together the quantity of heat of Sa is relatively tall, most first a pizza 7 inches, calorific quantity can accomplish 250 calorie, and pizza is vest in bake make kind food, the surface contains a lot of calorific amounts, take overmuch pizza, not only can give easy suffer from excessive internal heat, still can continue the state that gains flesh, because this reduces weight thin body period济南泽浩木业 inside had better not eat alimental of high quantity of heat to feed capable person surely. Wrap around in the light of the quantity of heat of Sa how many money, we can master the look of article content. One wraps around the quantity of heat of Sa how many moneyWrap around the calorific volume of Sa is very high, actual small make up saying prawn mouthfeel wrap around Sa hair quantity of heat is more or less be very clear, following to surely win guest pizza is example, of understanding: Mcdonald's stainless steel board wrap around Sa hemp hot actor chooses Mcdonald's Pizzahut 100(to overcome (G)) gives out heat measure 264 kilocalorieMcdonald's stainless steel board wrap around Sa cheese communicates meeting Mcdonald's Pizzahut 100(to overcome (G)) gives out heat measure 264 kilocalorieMcdonald's stainless steel board wrap around Pizzahut 100(of Mcdonald's of scenery of Sa cropland courtyard is overcome (G)) gives out heat measure 208 kilocalorieMcdonald's stainless steel board wrap around Sa 10 ' send honour thick batch of Mcdonald's Pizzahut 1() calorific quantity 215 kilocalorieMcdonald's stainless steel boar建筑模板AEd wrap around Sa 10 ' send honour despise approve Mcdonald's Pizzahut 1() calorific quantity 170 kilocalorieMcdonald's stainless steel board wrap around Sa sweet meat or fish is sent honour Mcdonald's Pizzahut 100(is overcome (G)) hair quantity of heat 271 kilocalorieMcdonald's stainless steel board wrap around Sa is super extremely honour Mcdonald's Pizzahut 100(is overcome (G)) sends quantity of heat 238 kilocalorie Eat wrap around[......]

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[the effect of walnut carapace and action and edible method] - of benefit of _ advantage _

Walnutmeat as a kind of relatively hot nut not only eat a very sweet, and have effect of more powerful be good at head, everybody often walnutmeat medium pithy get the medicines and chemical reagents that goes out to make Cheng Jian head and healthy drink, divide walnut flesh besides, walnut skin also has certain effect, walnut skin invades bubble and manufacturing treatment to be able to be taken later in all previous classics, also a kind of vest in tonic, below introduces the action of walnut skin and effect actually in detail. The a bitth: The effect of walnutWhen mastering to walnutmeat, nutrition of meeting disclosure walnutmeat is rich, amid includes the a衡水建筑模板公司lbumen of rich and colorful, reach its human body is adipose and mineral, amid contains the vitamin B2 of rich and colorful and vitamin E, because this can prevent body cell fragile change, be aimed at beneficial head, raising the body to remember ability to wait have hand completely, especially the vitam建筑用模板价格AQinic component with distinctive amid, not only the assimilation that can reduce intestines and stomach to be aimed at cholesterol is absorbed, still can prevent a hair to reach the state that its fall down in vain. at 2 o'clock: Of walnutmeat have a wayIf be the sexual price that begins walnutmeat to take,compare nowadays now tall, can detect, it is OK to need to be taken instantly only. Can be same, walnutmeat also has other have a way. One is walnut crisp, can basis general walnutmeat and paddy rice, big jujube begin make, make make it walnut crisp, not only delicate and goluptious and contain nutrient part. The 2nd kind of means is to do walnut congee. Some everybody make in the light of walnut congee now Zuo is to have proper care, walnutmeat can be added below the case that develops congee to make, return the function of walnut of OK and sufficient play additiona建筑工程模板ABlly in compensatory and calorific quantity. Begin control circumstance to fall nowadays now, can detect, wal[......]

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