[scamper pigskin is sent with cold water bubble or] - of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Scamper pigskin is one kind uses what pork skin makes and 启工木业有限公司become to feed capable person, also be one kind sufferred a lot of people enthusiastic gay feeds capable person. And in make below the circumstance of scamper pigskin, it is certain to need to be begun to pork skin first solve, the pig skin that just can ensure scamper goes out in that way has delicate and goluptious taste. But, a lot of people are not clear that scamper pigskin is to ought to use cold water bubble to open Zuo is to use other processing technique. Below, concern professional knowledge with respect to what introduce scamper pigsk建筑模板厂家FFRin for we all! One, scamper skin how polyurethane is epispastic The bubble of flesh opens way: Oily hair flesh makes a method: Oil of the vegetable on skin of will fresh pork is blown completely clean (can appear otherwise) of rancid fishy smell, hang flesh in subsequently give blast tuyere air to air, edible is used first before decoct blast alkaline will dry flesh is cleaned, air is basked in, put flesh and animal oil or edible oil in boiler together subsequently, low baking temperature bakes heat, again boil, want in this diligent scroll flesh, wait for flesh to be roused, loose like getting deep-fried twisted dough sticks resembling scamper, scoop up flesh refrigeration, namely make it oil sends flesh. The bubble of dry flesh leaves: oily hair flesh uses cold water macerate, add edible alkaline face to catch vegetable oil again wash clean, in be being put into boiled water again, boil a little while a bit, scoop up waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, put cool hind cut 4 centimeter with the knife long, 2 centimeter are wide piece, reoccupy cold water is caught wash for many times, bubble is invaded in putting cold water 3 hour, bilge till leather dried meat floss, extensive is white, fish out, accuse to do water share. 2, the practice of scamper skin1, in after vivid pigskin clears clean, be being put into cold water boiler, slow fire[......]

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[papaya turns gene is how to return a responsibility] _ mutation _ affects -

We often eat papaya at ordinary times, it is a kind of very common fruit, nutrient composition is very tall, but say papaya is one kind turns all the time in last few years the fresh fruit of gene paddy, after taking, to body and mind health is not quite good, average person turns in the light of papaya gene paddy is not to master exceedingly, contemporary person takes the health of body and mind of oneself seriously highly more and more, go up in dieta金盾木业有限公司ry collocation especially, one hear is to turn the thing of gene paddy, can eat without the person commonly. Does papaya turn what reason is gene paddy? Papaya has a kind of virus disease that cannot prevent, it is annulus spot mosaic poison, a kind of global virus that it is production of papaya of a kind of harm is affected, advocate after the bine suffers be contaminated, do not have a law to develop reasonable cure, affect fruit character and output instantly. Accordingly, breed home people application turns gene technology will resist infection of this one virus, let papaya cause repellency. Accordingly, papaya if it were not for turns gene paddy, did not have results basically. Poison introduces annulus spot mosaic in detail: Harm rectifies a greenery, leaf, bine and fruit or pod. After go to the bad, whole short shrink; leaf is hazy, tonal and unusual, the fruit of cortical fade; of abnormal; bine and pod abnormal. The clinical symptom on papaya is leaf hazy abnormal, spot of annulus of abnormal fruit surface layer, bine, foliaceous bine spot. Why is cure of greenery disease-resistant poison sure to turn gene paddy? Grain crop is growing the harm that development can suffer varied harmful腹膜模板DF biological control in the process completely. Key of disease of great majority greenery relies on biology pesticide to prevent, chemical fertilizer can kill grain crop insect pest, wee建筑木方模板回收KJd and greenery pathogeny bacterium, bacteria, infuso高唐县众发木业有限公司rian reasonably, but be out of order to plant virus.[......]

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[abalone is splanchnic and OK eat] - of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Abalone is splanchnic and best need not go eating, big family put oneself in another's position is aimed at after actually a lot of pluck eat is the influence with can appear not quite good completely, and even it is the endotoxin that can make deposit very much in human body, the practice that lays oyster actually also is very simple, the key is time below the need below the circumstance that clearing one, ought to want to put unripe oyster bowl first inside after be being burned, be begun again make otherly flow, ability saves delicacy quite sweet. Abalone stews potatoRaw mater横润胶合板厂ial: Make the raw material that the abalone pota建筑模板厂THto that ste昆明建筑模板公司w needs is very simple, it is OK that the hobby chooses unripe oyster him according to, potato, gourmet powder, rice wine, salt, candy, anise fennel, hemp any of several hot spice plants, chao Tianjiao, ginger garlic can many somes properer. Course of action: 1, unripe oyster arranges a housing rift with the knife, get off abalone meat, go splanchnic organ, clean hob piece. 2, potato flay hob piece. 3, garlic of ginger rolling oil explodes boiler, put Chao Tianjiao, gourmet powder, rice wine, salt, candy, anise fennel, hemp any of several hot spice plants. 4, potato stir-fry before 建筑模板 stewing is fried, add cold water to stew. 5, put into unripe oyster man to stew ripe, OK. Abalone of braise in soy sauceRaw material: Bao 8, bavin chicken 0.5, precious jade column is proper, banger is proper, candy, green, ginger, ji Shifen. Course of action: 1, dry Bao 8 bubble cold water 48 hour, halfway wants ceaseless aquarium to change water, clean after bubble is good (the area that has a mouth resembling sand wants to be lifted) . 2, enter the stew on boiling water lid one evening, take one arenaceous boiler to put a whole into chicken of unripe oyster bavin subsequently or water of a scald, can first Bao gives redo of old hen soup. 3, precious jade column, ham piece a few, duan Tian of green of proper candy Jiang[......]

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