Brazilian poison fierces and ambitious " suddenly turn hostile " fugitive 30 be captured end of the year value of social status appraise amounts to number

According to Taiwan central company will report on July 3, brazilian authorities shows that day, alkaline poison of coca of South America count as one of the best fierces and ambitious D高唐金梁木业有限公司aluocha accepts face-lifting operation, after escaping pol长 建筑模板宁木业有限公司ice to chase nearly 30 years, was captured eventually recently. According to estimation, value of appraise of his social status amounts to 100 million dollar (add up to a RMB about 679 million yuan of) .

Brazilian federal police releases statement to say, daluocha (hoary head of byname of Luiz Carlos Da Rocha) , in this country western city of Luo Suo of Ma Tuo case (MatoGrosso) Suolisu city (Sorriso) is arrested.

According to Afp report, daluocha is previous and incognito for Dimoruisi (Vitor Luiz De Moraes) , do face-lifting operation suddenly turn hostile, a动画模板voided a police successfully chase, still continue to run his international n专业建筑模板厂家KParcotics business at the same time.

Brazilian police expresses, 150 fuzz executed assault operation 24 times, sequestered its app临沂彬国建筑模板厂raise value amounts to 10 million dollar (add up to a RMB about 67.87 million dollar) luxurious car, plane, farm and other prope建筑模板供应厂家rty. Still arrested capable able person of Daluocha in action of another place arrest. Police says, daluocha is protected by army of large requirements heavy weapons.

According to the BBC (BBC) report, police  建筑模板comparing was opposite of Daluocha old according to the pho胶印机平面模板的制作BQtograph 广西十大建筑模板with new suspect, make conclusion Daluocha and Dimoruisi are 江苏工程建筑模板批发sam建筑模板支撑AAe person. Brazilian federal police says, daluocha will be sentenced to exceed 50 years of term of imprisonment.

Brazilian official thinks, daluocha's fortune approachs 100 million dollar, the action of the 2nd phase will try to confiscate his surplus property. (The exercitation edits: Ma 建筑模板 Na examine and verify: Tian Ruizhe)


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A rocket hits Libyan capital beach to send 5 dead 25 injuries

In report will occupy new network on July 5 outside intermediar东坤木业有限公司y 工地模板尺寸一般是多少report, libyan Ministry of Public Health sa 建筑模板ys, local time 4 days, a rocket hits this state the beach in the Li Bo of the capital, cause 5 people death, 25 people are injured.

The report says, a 建筑模板ccordi润茂轩木业有限公司ng to the statement that Libyan Ministry of Pub木工模板最好的板HFlic Health publishs, the beach that is hit is located 山东省烨鲁木业有限公司in咬合桩导墙模板出租BW Midijia near the airport. I模板工程是什么工程AXt is reported, a children includes in the victim.

Say according to personage of message of Libyan Home Office, 4 山东顺达木业有限公司days, secure armed forces is in在建工程明细账模板HD Midijia produces a battle wi 建筑模板th guilty ga龙鼎木业有限公司ng near the airport. Nevertheless this message personage did not reply to whether be intended this one problem to civilian attack.


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[scamper pigskin is sent with cold water bubble or] - of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Scamper pigskin is one kind uses what pork skin makes and 启工木业有限公司become to feed capable person, also be one kind sufferred a lot of people enthusiastic gay feeds capable person. And in make below the circumstance of scamper pigskin, it is certain to need to be begun to pork skin first solve, the pig skin that just can ensure scamper goes out in that way has delicate and goluptious taste. But, a lot of people are not clear that scamper pigskin is to ought to use cold water bubble to open Zuo is to use other processing technique. Below, concern professional knowledge with respect to what introduce scamper pigsk建筑模板厂家FFRin for we all! One, scamper skin how polyurethane is epispastic The bubble of flesh opens way: Oily hair flesh makes a method: Oil of the vegetable on skin of will fresh pork is blown completely clean (can appear otherwise) of rancid fishy smell, hang flesh in subsequently give blast tuyere air to air, edible is used first before decoct blast alkaline will dry flesh is cleaned, air is basked in, put flesh and animal oil or edible oil in boiler together subsequently, low baking temperature bakes heat, again boil, want in this diligent scroll flesh, wait for flesh to be roused, loose like getting deep-fried twisted dough sticks resembling scamper, scoop up flesh refrigeration, namely make it oil sends flesh. The bubble of dry flesh leaves: oily hair flesh uses cold water macerate, add edible alkaline face to catch vegetable oil again wash clean, in be being put into boiled water again, boil a little while a bit, scoop up waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, put cool hind cut 4 centimeter with the knife long, 2 centimeter are wide piece, reoccupy cold water is caught wash for many times, bubble is invaded in putting cold water 3 hour, bilge till leather dried meat floss, extensive is white, fish out, accuse to do water share. 2, the practice of scamper skin1, in after vivid pigskin clears clean, be being put into cold water boiler, slow fire[......]

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[Chinese traditional medicine can cure cancer of the liver] - of action of _ of _ cure liver cancer

Cancer of the liver is disease of common a kind of cancer, the deadly rate of cancer of the liver also is very big, once be aware he got liver cancer is to need those who take seriously to cause, active and active develop cure, faster cure can control the external diffusion that cancer virus affects more, add the life of patient of cancer of the liver, showing level to treat the way of cancer of the liver is a lot of, western medicine respect can treat liver cancer, medicine also can treat liver cancer in, but take Chinese traditional medicine can cure good liver cancer? Chinese traditional medicine material can cure good liver cancer? Cancer of the liver is evil change rate is high, very easy fit and migratory, want in cure level consequently omnibus and overall, cancer of the liver is inchoate should with art of operation cure dominant, the way that combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl is chosen after as the propulsion after the operation cure prevents fit and migratory. , Western medicine respect puts cure to change cure efficacy of a drug stronger, short-term inside remedial effect is more distinct, state of illness of can quick control develops a tendency, but can cause harm 2 times to the patient. Operation cure also can cause harm单侧模支撑供应厂家RF 2 times, because of cure of respect of this proposal Western medicine additionally Zuo aids a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to treat. Cancer of the liver eats what food 1, albumenAlbumen is the material with indispensable body, great majority is fed fill the bases that feeds capable person also is albumen. Accordingly, some people may give the patient with terminal liver cancer very much lean lean taking a pig, egg kind the food of the high protein such as food, legume food, milk products. Liver is the protein feeding capable person that absorb decomposes the field that creates body albumen, after cancer of the liver is terminal, ability of hepatic protein[......]

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