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[Shaanxi characteristic cooked wheaten food] – of name of _ phyletic _

The cate characteristic of Shaanxi province this locality authority is very clear it is to have a lot of kinds of diversity, but the key is cate characteristic, because Shaanxi saves common people key,be with noodle dominant, the most general is Shaanxi oil spills a face, belt face, this kind of bright noodle is completely savour without method in other region, even if is having also is not that Zuo sterling, because the treatment technology of this kind of noodle is more complex completely, especially nourishing soup above need boils the with longer makings. Shaanxi dish includes this locality distinguishing feature such as province of Shaanxi province, the Gansu Province, Gansu Province, Qinghai, Xinjiang province, be big northwest taste is appellative, and have with Shaanxi dish, Gansu Province dish symbolistic. In year period period, shaanxi province manages the land for Qinchao, reason is appellative ” the Qin Dynasty ” . Great majority of Gansu Province condition is in of Gansu hill on the west, ever had in ancient time ” Gansu Xi Jun ” , ” Gansu right county ” set, reason is a建筑模板费用报价AJppellative ” Gansu ” . Taste of Gansu of the Qin Dynasty total characteristic is ” 3 dash forward show ” . It is main material dash forward show: With dominant of beef, hotpot, with Shan Zhenye flavour is assisted; 2 dominant flavour dash forward show: Although the flavoring with commonly used建筑模板模板价格 type of a dish is much, but of each dish type advocate flavour has only however, sweet hot suffering is sweet salty only control blindly (include compound model flavour) , other ingredient house depends on consequence; 3 for aroma dash forward show: Divide outside wanting to make condiment with sweet Lai, often still choose chili doing, old mature vinegar and hemp any of several hot spice

plants to wait. Chili doing goes out via be being chosen after oily boil, it is a kind of hemp hot, hot and not intense. Acetic classics oily boil, blame flavour slacken, aroma promotion. Oily boil of classics of hemp any of several hot spice plants, hemp flavour is reduced, aroma of any of several hot spice plants promotes, use the eye land of this kind of dressing, so that,not be pure sex hot, acerbity, hemp, basically be to take its sweet. Cook gimmick, criterion in order to burn, evaporate, cook over a slow fire, fry, dominant of float, boil in water for a while, choose the method of traditional pattern cooking with long history more, be like stone boil law, heretofore is delayed with, can say only the United States is antediluvian still be in. Burn, evaporate dish, look is detailed, juice thick smell is sweet, characteristic dash forward show. Clear float dish, shang Qing sees an end, main material fragi装配式建筑模板BWle bright, delicious and bright and clean, fresh interest opening. Dish of lukewarm cold and dressed with sause (the law that belong to boil in water for a while) , not cold, garlic sweet sweet smell is tangy, agrestic breath is extremely thick. Burn, evaporate, clear float, lukewarm mix, it is Qin Long taste most have symbolistic dish to taste. Prefectural Ya dish, dish of another namer feudal official, have long history, with refined grow gradually, be like ” bring an upper part of a leg of pork ” , ” chopsticks head spring ” etc. Rich Gu Cai with precious get the upper hand of, be like ” gold delivers food ” , ” fingered citron does abalone ” etc. The dominant of sumptuous courses at a me贵港建筑模板公司al of store of flagship of the renown building that dish tastes to wait for famous city management center with Xi’an city, Gansu Province in, brand, so that solicit customer, market competition is intense, each have different, be like,mean characteristic cate: “Ming Sixi ” , ” fish of the bowl that suckle fire ” , ” silk of squid of cook over a slow fire “建筑木方生产厂家 , ” braise flesh 3 delicacy ” wait.

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