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Moscow sets 15 stations in all to peep of outline of circuitry of Beijing tall iron

According to ” clairvoyant Russia ” report, russia will be started this year in May go to from capital Moscow east the country such as hill of木工模板最好的板HF the Nuofugeluode below by way of, noise made in coughing or vomiting and Xiekajielinbao is the biggest the program of Gao Tie project of industry and city of scientific research center. Circuitry of this tall iron will lead to Beijing finally, but the work is at present temporary around the first phase namely Moscow comes hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting paragraph spread out.

Set 15 stations in all, year passenger traffic volume 18 million person-time

Moscow comes iron of stage high of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting is full-length 770 kilometers, the Russia that gross of dweller of by way of exceeds 25 million person 7 federal main body. Whole journey sets 15 stations in all. Transport power respect, plan the statistic of the institute according to the strategy, gao Tie throws the before a few annual passenger traffic volume after using to predict to be able to amount to 10.5 million person-time.

Independent advisory adviser predicts Moscow – issue Nuofugeluode – iron of stage high of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting arrives 2030 year passenger traffic volume can amount to about 18 million person-time. Even if considers the population density of area of this circuitry by way of, this is forecasted also is quite conservative, the demand that because actual condition indicates Russia home,serves to modern liaison man is very high. For example, the You Sun date of the two cities Moscow with the join the biggest Russia that be transformed with 19 centuries middle period builds infrastructure and becomes and Sanket Gao Tie, passenger traffic volume predicts with respect to what exceeded an expert. Every year 300 much person-time take train of You Sun date, guest rate exceeds 80% , year income is as high as 80 much ruble.

Finance of project of director of infrastructure economy center, tall iron invests Russia the architect of mode Fulajimierkesuoyi (Vladimir Kosoy) point out: Russia home still does not have the traffic of kilometer of模板报价单 300-350 of speed per hour to carry a tool at present, this is traffic in carriage system most one of scabrous bottleneck. Because home does not have speed per hour to achieve the public traffic tool of 200-350 kilometer at present, branch line aviation and road network development must not be very fast, restricted the interest that waits for reason to explain tall to developing iron to understand very ea建筑模板价格一览表AZsily with what overcome the crisis and respect of the infrastructure in eliminating economy accordingly.

The Russia railroad that is in charge of tall iron project is infinite joint-stock company Mi Shalin of Alexander of the first vice-president (Aleksandr Misharin) express, the company considered to carry out the international experience of rapid transit project 海子木业有限公司seriously. Introduce according to him, the risk o

f the negative understanding that one of main risks depend on each society organization looking to this. Accordingly, be in early before the project is started, Russia takes conduct propaganda seriously to show the work with respect to height. The city such as Ge Luode of the hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting in railroad by way of, husband issueing Nuo and Fulajimier established information center. He says: We disc广东建筑模板公司over each to just show great interest to this project, asking a few questions, if railroad is passed from where, whether can be individual land brought into build area, past where to be able to write a letter to support tall iron project to wait. In addition, agree of Qiebokesalei, all alone, Moscow and day of fertile Luo Nie also will build center of this kind of information.

Moscow always invests 1.068 trillion ruble to project of iron of stage high of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting.

Have common language with China

The enterprise of Europe, China, Korea and North America all shows the interest that joins this project, russia is willing with all in this domain actual strength stronger company cooperates. Final, the enterprise that comes from China unplugs so that the head prepares.

The both sides in Russia began to hold first-run talk last year, still arose to develop Moscow to carry the train of thought of corridor t潍坊荣雅木业有限公司o Beijing Ouya high speed at that time, moscow comes hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting and future but outspread the just of this paragraph of circuitry to Xiekajielinbao is the one share that should carry corridor. The finance p

attern that future establishs the foundation is in Russia two countries attracts this pr启工木业有限公司oject to build capital inside cooperative frame, but specific amount still is in discussion phase at present. Main condition is to build the job to all must press coequal principle to begin, russia ju建筑木胶板价格st plans in introducing, square technology builds a joint ventures.

Mi Shalin expresses, china has the technology with tall iron the most advanced domain at present. This expert points out: China designs built tall iron total course to already exceeded 15 th大地木业有限公司ousand kilometer. Some line are built below the climate condition of similar our country, if built enlightened Harbin 2012,come Dalian tall iron. In addition, chines广西模板木方厂家e engineering is built below the help of Russia engineer at first, accordingly we have common language on the technology.

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s Moscow reach Beijing Gao Tie: ? copy casts  Bi? sets 15 stations in all)

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