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[abalone is splanchnic and OK eat] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Abalone is splanchnic and best need not go eating, big family put oneself in another’s position is aimed at after actually a lot of pluck eat is the influence with can appear not quite good completely, and even it is the endotoxin that can make deposit very much in human body, the practice that lays oyster actually also is very simple, the key is time below the need below the circumstance that clearing one, ought to want to put unripe oyster bowl first inside after be being burned, be begun again make otherly flow, ability saves delicacy quite sweet. Abalone stews potatoRaw mater横润胶合板厂ial: Make the raw material that the abalone pota建筑模板厂THto that ste昆明建筑模板公司w needs is very simple, it is OK that the hobby chooses unripe oyster him according to, potato, gourmet powder, rice wine, salt, candy, anise fennel, hemp any of several hot spice plants, chao Tianjiao, ginger garlic can many somes properer. Course of action: 1, unripe oyster arranges a housing rift with the knife, get off abalone meat, go splanchnic organ, clean hob piece. 2, potato flay hob piece. 3, garlic of ginger rolling oil explodes boiler, put Chao Tianjiao, gourmet powder, rice wine, salt, candy, anise fennel, hemp any of several hot spice plants. 4, potato stir-fry before

stewing is fried, add cold water to stew. 5, put into unripe oyster man to stew ripe, OK. Abalone of braise in soy sauceRaw material: Bao 8, bavin chicken 0.5, precious jade column is proper, banger is proper, candy, green, ginger, ji Shifen. Course of action: 1, dry Bao 8 bubble cold water 48 hour, halfway wants ceaseless aquarium to change water, clean after bubble is good (the area that has a mouth resembling sand wants to be lifted) . 2, enter the stew on boiling water lid one evening, take one arenaceous boiler to put a whole into chicken of unripe oyster bavin subsequently or water of a scald, can first Bao gives redo of old hen soup. 3, precious jade column, ham piece a few, duan Tian of green of proper candy Jiang Pian adds fire of清水模板尺寸BU the lard one’s speech with literary allusions after the water Bao of certain amount leaves to boil, the flameout after on 5 hours. Put certain amount water, halfway can not turn on the water, abalone juice is not otherwise concentrated also. Also need not put salt, precious jade flavour of salt of column oneself belt, boil saline flavour to come out of course more. 4, flameout hind scoops up the raw material broken bits after dividing unripe oyster, unripe oyster stays in arenaceous boiler to put one evening (heat preservation of arenaceous boiler heat insolation, because this must use arenaceous boiler,will do) . 5, add balm to be boiled again two hours the following day (if feel saline flavour is insufficient can endowment add一鸣木业有限公司s the) that nod salt, if be not worn unbearably,eat flameout again stew. 6, the flameout after waiting for reopen gun the 3rd day to be burned. Relapse a few days it is good that this gives birth to oyster not to think it is difficult to eat, when eating, use juice starch of Ji Shifen water ticks off Gorgon euryale to drench above. Steamed abaloneRaw material: Give birth to oyster, ginger, green, be born smokeCourse of action: 1, the way that also follows steamed fish actually is same, the person that vivid abalone lets sell has been solved. 2, clean clean again placing dish, green ginger cuts a store above, nod bright soy of United States pole. 3, after frying boiler to heat water, put into unripe oyster, fire evaporate involves fire 89 minutes, take off ginger green silk. 4, should good-looking again the green silk that endowment adds bit of new Zuo is put in above, irrigate the oil that burns on unripe oyster in hot pot, at this moment but endowment adds a dot to be born smoke (adjustable type dot candy and sesame-seed oil) . Need not put garlic end, affect the taste of evaporate abalone.

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