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Tens of 10 thousand chelonian go to beach to lay eggs the dweller is collected sell tea chelonian the egg (graph)

This will be on November 7, by tens of thousands Pacific Ocean beautiful chelonian flocks the scene that to the Aosidiaonaer of Costarica northwest ministry beach lays eggs.

Local marine biologist estimates, in 3 days of 7 days of around, share about 250 thousand Pacific Ocean beautiful chelonian to to disembark lay eggs.

This is this year sin建筑模板供应厂家ce Pacific Ocean beautiful chelonian the 13rd large-scale to disembark lay eggs, also be scale is the largest in recent years. S模板价格BXuch occasion sees inaccessibly. 青盛木业有限公司

Pacific Ocean beautiful chelonian is existent kind of chelonian with group of the largest amounts, distributing to be mixed at the indian ocean water area of Pacific warm water, will come every year in September second year in January, beautiful chelonian m建筑模板价格一览表eets the Pacific Ocean that is in breed period co山东和胜木质建筑模板公司llective toes disembark lay eggs.

Groove guard of wildlife of nation of abstruse accept Er is located in Costarica Ao Sidi Nakasite saves melon of ministry of elder brother northwest Pacific Ocean coast.

Here position is devious, traffic inconvenience, it is not easy to go, and chelonian a month toes disembark only lay eggs, keep 3-5 day. Accordingly, chelonian is large-scale to disembark the case that lay eggs sees in木工模板accessibly.

Local of a lot of Costaricas, also have not been to Aosidiaonaer.

Every come to Aosidiaonaer year ago the Pacific Ocean that beach lays eggs beautiful chelonian amount is huge, there is enough place actua

lly on beach lay eggs for all chelonian.

The 2nd batch of chelonian that to disembark are met a tread down of egg of before one batch of chelonian, or gouge will be cast to the outside of山东森鹏木业有限公司 den, vacate a place to lay eggs to oneself. The chelo

nian egg den of 40% can be destroyed by themselves.

Additional, swarm vulture and it is the insect larva that feed with chelonian egg, and abominable natural weather element, metropolis menace arrives of chelonian egg put stay.

The egg that chelonian place produces has 93% cannot natural keep.

Accordingly, begin from 1987, national wildlife gr蓝带木业有限公司oove guard allows Aosidiaonaer local villager is collected and buying and selling toes disembark the first batch the egg below chelonian.

Also become here the whole world digs chelonian egg exclusively, sell chelo建筑模板厂商SLnian egg rightful place.

If you see someone here,be in so sale chelonian egg also need not open-eyed. Local is below in Aosidiaonaer the tea chelonian egg of sale of doorway of national wildlife groove guard.

Nevertheless, the chelonian egg that people collects here, have Aosidiaonaer only actually beach toes disembark entirely 1% what chelonian produces egg number.

In fact, the Costarica is a country that takes protective wild animal and former zoology seriously extremely. Arrive from the government the people, put environment of protective animal, prote工程建筑模板价格ction in significant position, be regarded as the model of person and coexist of wild animal harmony by many people.

Original title: See inaccessibly! Tens of 10 t

housand chelonian are embraced lay eggs to beach

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