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[cerebral stalk is commonly used medicine 4 kinds of medicine] phyletic – of _ medicaments _

Cardiovascular disease shows nowadays is power assist the 4th big alone essential factor of health of human body and mind, the patient number that causes as a result of cardiovascular disease in our country also promotes in what last. The head s

traightens, because head blood-vessel gives vein thrombus,the key is, everything what affect blood then is supplied normally, create cerebral department anoxic and a kind of disease that cause. After falling ill, if do not have instantly cure, be very of the risk. After calculating rehabilitation to treat, also need constant mufti to feed 4 kinds of medicines and chemical reagents at ordinary times. Cerebral stalk bereavement says the head is short of hematic head soldier in, show because of,partial head is organized namely block up of haemal circulatory system, be short of courage and uprightness, oxygen insufficient and the molten of generation is necrotic. Because supply the aorta of head blood to give sclerosis of congee appearance and thrombosis,cerebral stalk basically is to death, make tubal antrum narrow and 模板规格尺寸even block, cause subacute of bureau kitchen sex the head is not worth for blood and disease is sent; Also be to because appear,have unusual thing pie杞鸿木业有限公司ce (system of Zuo of solid state, fluid, steam) the cervical artery that edge blood circulatory system enters cerebral artery or supplies cerebral blood circulatory system, bring about blood to cut off or cause operate relatively bad dead of molten of district brain tissue. The clinical expression that the head straightens dead is multifarious, other disease is had to reach its to close before the more serious standard that head of it and the position that the head jeopardizes, head lacks dimension of hematic blood vessel to be short of courage and uprightness, ill hair spell diseas木工模板价格EDe of other and crucial splanchnic organ to wait relevant, light can do not have a symptom thoroughly, the sexual head that does not have a symptom namely straighte建筑模用的模板多少钱BZns dead; OK still and main show breaks down to send ill body repeatedly or dizziness, namely provisionality head is short of hematic kitchen to come on; Heavy criterion not only can the body breaks down and even can subacute is insensible if become ill to affect pallium to be in,die symptom of ill acute of heart head blood-vessel basically can be behaved break out to give epilepsy, with the incidence of a disease inside核电模板 1 day is the biggest after disease. Vein thrombus and jamming is hair of cerebral stalk dead disease is basic, because this Utopian means is,make the head is short of hematic brain tissue to be in a is necrotic the blood that restores to come over before. Cerebral tissue gets the initial stage of cerebral blood notes an oar again, delay is decreased lack standard of courage and uprightness, demarcate nerve yuan the harm of cell and action. The infarction gross area that the head straightens dead is counted with block of antrum unoccupied place sex most, clinical symptom is: Acute comes on, flabby, limbs seldom counts giddy dazzled, dazed sufficient prolapse feebly drinking water choke is worn, deglutition difficulty also can have hemiplegia to slant to feel personally bring down, one part patient did not have essence of life to locate definitely clinical symptom.

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