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Korea airport shows Arabic to threaten brief note police collects dactylogram to find out

In report occupied new network on January 31 Korea media coverage, closet of airport of Korea Ren Chuan is 建筑模板批发市场like in 29 days of occurrence doubt explosive and threaten with what Arabic writes sexual brief note, police has the setup that discovers in the spot butane gas to wait undertake an analysis with fruit模板的配板步骤 box and 19 appearance dactylogram, find out suspicion personn建筑腹膜板公司el.

The report says, with respect to this incident, team of police of Ren Chuan International Airport shows 31 days, with fruit the installation on the box that pack has doubt to be like explosive, police imprints through going up to this box some brand chase after fish product manufacturer, it is clew with this, police is tracing the manufacturing year of the box that

pack and main sale part. Inside closet, police still collects 19 more significant dactylogram, entrust science to ransack the team undertakes appraisal is analysed.

The report points out, local time 29 days afternoon 4 when make, in receive C of Ren Chuan airport to enter a country after th建筑工地用模板e discovers doubt is like explosive inside male closet ob山东大州建筑模板有限公司ject contact other place, airport police team expedites secret service team and explosive processing group immediately (EDD) has comprehensive search, discovered a carton, there is a piece of brief note t建筑工地模板AVhat writes with Arabic inside carton, threaten say thi盛和木业有限公司s is final warning.

On the other hand, huangjiao of Korea state prime minister installs urgent that day to sit a meeting, expose to the sun one after another with respect to Korea airport the case that gives the fl

aw that上海建筑模板公司 install check shows, the government will undertake be communicationed cheek by jowl with relevant section, 沂源长兴木业strengthen the airport to bri

ng check job in the建筑模板尺寸规格BQ round, prevent similar incident to happen again. He still emphasizes, assault incident to answer horror effectively, need to try to forecast and be on guard ahead of schedule, urge congress to be handled as soon as possible ” fear a law instead ” .

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