Turkey and European Union principle reach " the refugee trades " : With person substitution

Turkey and European alliance answer refugee tide 8 days to reach principle agreement, former commitment will receive repatriate from Greek shocking immigrant, latter agrees to offer the refugee doubly support financing, right Turkey citizen avoids autograph and the negotiation process that accelerate Turkey to join an European Union in

to Europe.

[refugee chip]

Turkey premier Aihamaideda Lu and leader of European Union country are in Wuteao Brussels of seat of European Union headquarters, Belgian capit覆膜板al with respect to, turkey respect offers new plan.

Negotiate through 12 hours, both sides announces 8 days to reach 6 basic principles, will continue to discuss consultative detail, expectation is in next week during European Union peak is met, discuss and obtain finally through.

According to principle agreement, the European Union enters repatriate Greek new shocking immigrant by Turkey entirely and bear total cost.

Additional, both sides is affirmatory, below existing agreement frame, turkey from Greek every receive a Syrian, the European Union will find a place for one comes f建筑胶合板SLrom Osmanli Syria refugee.

After European country is sufferring World War II, tide of the biggest refugee is pounded. Refugee majority comes from the Syria of chaos caused by war, Iraq and Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the European 建筑工地打模板真实照片Union maintains a lot of people to be not the refugee, illegal immigrant that hopes to improve living conditions however.

More than 1 million refugee and immigrant swarmed into Europe last year, most from Turkey by way of Greek, enter rich Western Europe and boreal Europe by Balkan country again. The European Union came to an agreement with Turkey last year, acceptance offers 3 billion euro, help cubic meter of earth finds a place for Syrian refugee. European Union and Turkey still agree, prevent the stream of people that does not accord with standard of international humanitarian deliverance to enter European country. On the other hand, turkey puts forward a variety of

conditions to resist refugee tide in order to help to the European Union, include to accelerate Turkey to join the negotiation of the European Union.

Leader of alliance of abstruse Lu Xiang Ou puts forward Da Wu spy, european Union 3 years a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces offers 3 billion euro to be used at installing buy refugee again to Turkey; Will give Turkey citizen the latest to a覆膜厂家void autograph pay in June, shift to an earlier date than original plan a few months.

In 8 days of published principle agreements, the European Union agrees to push the plan avoiding a label in the light of Turkey citizen quickly, so that at latest will be fulfilled in June; Accelerate extend affirmatory last year 3 billion euro helps, offer more refugee to help capital make a decision; Advance Turkey to enter alliance negotiation.

Additional, the European Union returns plan and Turkey collaboration, improve the humanitarian condition of Syrian churchyard, make江门建筑模板公司 Syrian people can live in safer area.

[everyone is happy? ]

Tangnadetusike of chairman of Council of Europe expresses, leader welcomes country of European Union member ardently the program that Turkey offers, say both sides obtains a breakthrough on refugee problem.

German premier Angelamokeer is more careful. She expresses, if the agreement is obtained,fulfil, will be a breakthrough.

Reuter criterion the word of official of a few diplomacy reports quote, mokeerli closes to European Union and Turkey come to an agreement with respect to refugee problem, but a few in Europe country leader objects, they are afraid henceforth will by apportion refugee portion. Additional, do not wish what Turkey joins an European Union is Greek also hold with Cyprus reject an attitude.

The 建筑模板规格France that has doubt into alliance to Turkey also does not support give cubi

c meter of earth quickly to avoid a label. French premier Fulangsuowaaolangde says 8 days, turkey must obtain provision of 72 European Unions, just win the treatment that avoid a label possibly before July.

British premier wears Wei Kamei Lun Jian to say, besides the refugee policy that England unites determined dissociate at the European Union, england is not country of Shen Gen agreement, this one s河北建筑模板公司pecial sta黑色模板工地tus means us to have his firm b无锡建筑模板公司order 建筑模板规格AFland. (Hui Xiaoshuang) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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