British police: London van bumps into person incident to be regarded as " horrible assault "

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London of China News Service on June 19 report (reporter Zhou Zhaojun) British police expresses 19 days, before dawn happening hit pedestrian incident in the van of London north that day, already was regarded as horrible assault to undertake handling, fear an orgnaization launching investigation to this instead. 玖玖木业有限公司

London police station makes a statement say, at present this one incident already caused 1 person to die, 10 people are injured, the person that hurt already sent a hospital to accept treatment. A man of 48 years old is arrested in incident.

Plum of Sha of premier spy thunder chaired England in闽合桂木业有限公司 the morning that day hold ministerial and urgent meeting, discuss an建筑模板批发DGswer strategy. She expresses, she cares the person that is harmed in incident and their family member very much, police is undertaking investigating, 建发木业有限公司this is serious incident.

Ke Ruixi of director of London police station amounts to Dick to express, fear an orgnaization undertaking investigating instead at present, in order to determine the cause of this assault incident. London is a city that coll

ected a variety of many nations, religion belief, it is the attack of all pair of Londoner to the attack of a community, terrorist cannot break up people, also won't make people lives in fear.

She expresses建筑工程模板, after incident happening, the police reachs the spot quickly, the person tha建筑模板木方t with emergency treatment personnel a deliverance gets hurt. Current, london police has been in accident ground circumjacent deploy large quantities of polices, the mosque of all Moslem community also can strengthen London patrol, police can defend the people's safety with all one's strength.

The direct seeding that broadcasts from local TV station is seen on the picture, patron wagon is i

n with a lot of people fragrance by station of subway of Si Baili park. Accident road transportation is shut, the government asks local dweller chooses to replace a line. The graph is police to draw block line in accident scene. Zhou Zhaojun of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Halunhan of chairman of British Moslem association expr一厂一策模板esses, go for some time, moslem community of England is annoyed for many times, and this incident is up to now the most violent incident. He appeals 工地装木模板标准LPthe government strengthens security measure around mosque, prevent similar tragedy to happen again.

Latter, england produces assault event for many times. Late on June 3, horror happens to assault incident near London bridge, cause 7 person

to die, 48 people are injured. On May 22, mancunian gymnasium produces assault of suicidal type bomb, bring about 23 person to die, 119 people are injured. On March 22, the British parliament that is located in London downtown produces horror to assault incident outside the edifice, cause include a police inside 5 person die, about 40 people are injured.

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