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Brazilian poison fierces and ambitious ” suddenly turn hostile ” fugitive 30 be captured end of the year value of social status appraise amounts to number

According to Taiwan central company will report on July 3, brazilian authorities shows that day, alkaline poison of coca of South America count as one of the best fierces and ambitious D高唐金梁木业有限公司aluocha accepts face-lifting operation, after escaping pol长

宁木业有限公司ice to chase nearly 30 years, was captured eventually recently. According to estimation, value of appraise of his social status amounts to 100 million dollar (add up to a RMB about 679 million yuan of) .

Brazilian federal police releases statement to say, daluocha (hoary head of byname of Luiz Carlos Da Rocha) , in this country western city of Luo Suo of Ma Tuo case (MatoGrosso) Suolisu city (Sorriso) is arrested.

According to Afp report, daluocha is previous and incognito for Dimoruisi (Vitor Luiz De Moraes) , do face-lifting operation suddenly turn hostile, a动画模板voided a police successfully chase, still continue to run his international n专业建筑模板厂家KParcotics business at the same time.

Brazilian police expresses, 150 fuzz executed assault operation 24 times, sequestered its app临沂彬国建筑模板厂raise value amounts to 10 million dollar (add up to a RMB about 67.87 million dollar) luxurious car, plane, farm and other prope建筑模板供应厂家rty. Still arrested capable able person of Daluocha in action of another place arrest. Police says, daluocha is protected by army of large requirements heavy weapons.

According to the BBC (BBC) report, police

comparing was opposite of Daluocha old according to the pho胶印机平面模板的制作BQtograph 广西十大建筑模板with new suspect, make conclusion Daluocha and Dimoruisi are 江苏工程建筑模板批发sam建筑模板支撑AAe person. Brazilian federal police says, daluocha will be sentenced to exceed 50 years of term of imprisonment.

Brazilian official thinks, daluocha’s fortune approachs 100 million dollar, the action of the 2nd phase will try to confiscate his surplus property. (The exercitation edits: Ma

Na examine and verify: Tian Ruizhe)

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