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U.N. : 239 Iraq civilian will die at violent conflict July

Bagdad of Xinh建筑基础工程施工ua News Agency on August 1 report (reporter Wei Yudong) group of U.N. Iraq 建筑模板尺寸规格support will say on August 1, iraqi whole nation will share 239 civilian to be mixed in terror, violent incident this year in July die in armed conflict, additionally 273 people get hurt.

Group of U.N. Iraq support was that day 同茂木业有限公司in a statement say, most and civilian casualties occ常用的模板尺寸BTurs in Iraqi north Ni Wei saves the Buddhist nun, governmental army and extreme organi海子木业IKze Mohammedan country to arm to save met建筑模板的计算ABropolis in this Masuer’s battle brings about 121 civilian death, 112 peo安徽建筑模板公司ple to get hurt.

Problem of U.N. secretary-general Iraq is special condemn Mohammedan country on behalf of Yangkubishen the monst新型建筑模板rous disaster that terror brings to Iraqi civilian. He appeals Iraqi army to relay in the martial

action that liberates other area next add does very civilian prot

ection at the same time.


July 10, masuer is obtained liberate in the round. But in the Ni Ni of Iraqi north province, Sa广州建筑模板公司 pulls small provinc建筑工地打模板真实照片RFe, Jierkuke zone of border of He Ding province and Yi appraise, mohammedan country armeds force to still dominating a few town.

Original title: U.N. : 239 Iraq civilian will die at editor of violent conflict responsibility July: Ceng Shaolin

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