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Canada becomes the 4th country to ask visit is arrested in Russia ” emissary “

Russia Ministry of Forei海子模板gn Affairs confirms 5 days, after afterwards United States, England and Ireland, canada asks to Russia consular visit meets with the emissary Paul Hui Lan of Russian square take into custody.

Hui Lan’s brother confirms before, citizenship of Shikoku of benefit orchid hold. A few analysts say, this one state is formed to Russia with all possible means pressure.

[multilateral apply pressure]

Russia 工程模板厂家Ministry of Foreign Affairs says

5 days, russia just receives Canada to be stationed in the requirement of Hui Lan of visit of consul of Russia diplomatic mission, russia just conveys Xiang Huilan add square apiration; If the face agrees with Hui Lanshu, russia just will arrange visit in weekday.

Irish diplomacy and trade department state 4 days, irish respect receives Hui Lan appeal, just put forward consular visit to ask to Russia subsequently.

Additional, england and United States are some earlier moment asks to Russia likewise consular visit Hui Lan, russia just approves the United States 2 days to be stationed in Ci Man of go smoothly of favour of Russian ambassador tall (Hong Bopei) visit Hui Lan.

Russian Federation security bureau will be engaged in with be suspected of on Dec水利模板HDember 28 last year be in for espial Hui Lan of Muscovite take into custody, decide he is American at first. Hui Lan’s brother wears Wei Huilan 4 days to confirm, at the same time hold United States, England, Ireland mixes Hui Lan Canadian citizenship.

Associated press report, hui Lan is born in Canada, be brought up in the United States, parents is an Englishman.

Wear Wei Huilan 4 days to make a statement on behalf of

brother, urge the United States to use force to Russia, help get-off of Paul H建筑模板价格ui Lan; Irish diplomacy and trade department say 4 days, will provide a help to Hui Lan as far as possible; British diplomacy chancellery Jeremy same day says Hunter, british government ground of in one’s power 建筑模板厂家AOprovides a help.

Hui Lan is 48 years old, ever enlisted in army in American navy, from manufacturer of component of car of United States of the hold the position of at the beginning of 2017 safety of company whole world is in charge of Bogehuana. His family says, hui Lan goes to Russia is to attend before Marine Corps colleague and a wedding of Russia woman.

[does diplomatic rich weichi? ]

Beautiful just be in order to be suspected of government of Russia of hold the position of before for beautiful agent arrest Jin建筑红模板生产厂g Na of Li Yabu of Russian citizen Ma. Just use Hui Lan whether likely to exchange cloth Jing Na with respect to Russia, xieergailiyabukefu of undersecretary of 惠丰木业有限公司销售部Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 5 days, at present discussion substitution is vogue early.

Benefit orchid incident is very serious. Understan建筑模用的模板多少钱d according to us, he comes to Russia is the espial that violates Russia law to be engaged in, liyabukefu says, he still was not sued formally, discu建筑木模板厂ASss to exchange a suspect whether possibly at present impossible, improper also.

Russia a few media are some earlier moment report, hui Lan is accused by emissary accusation; If the court rules he commits emissary crime, he will is faced with the 20 years longest imprisonment.

Go smoothly of British diplomacy chancellery says 4 days especially, russia just wants to serve as chip with Hui Lan, make diplomatic rich play chess.

Cloth Jing Na will be arrested in the United States last year in July, will admit his guilt according to what reach with mechanism of American procuratorial work in December agreement, admit in American court illegal appropriative foreign country is procuratorial, namely square senior official conspires she and a Russia, pervade the

countrywide musket society with enormous 供应建筑模板power is in the beauty, infiltrate American standpatter and republic party core are encircled, with period influence beauty just is opposite Russian policy. (An Xiaomeng) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Canada becomes the 4th country to ask visit is arrested in Russia ” emissary ” responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin

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