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After Telangpu prosecutes impeach case by assemblyman of the Democratic Party or be faced with Xin Yibo law to examine?

Comprehensive report, telangpu of the president before the United States impeach case already issued heavy curtain at falling a few days ago. However, local time 16 days, thompson of Bernie of assemblyman of American Boule the Democratic Party initiates federal suit, criticise Telangpu is incendiary Capitol is deadly and riot. Beautiful intermediary points out, the end of impeach case or the law that are aimed at Telangpu for Xin Yibo are examined open wide a gate.

Assemblyman of the Democratic Party initiates federal suit

Accuse Telangpu incendiary congress is tempestuous

Associated press says, thompson is the first place with respect to congress insurrection be related is opposite the congressman of federal suit since Telangpudi.

According to the report, thompson criticises

Telangpu is incendiary Capitol is deadly and riot, mix with its lawyer ultraism organization is put-up, preve

nt congress attestation process of electoral round vote, try to cancel the result that Bai Dengsheng chooses.

This lawsuit still call-overed Telangpu’s lawyer, before Zhulianni and extreme of two white men organize Lu Di of Newyork city mayor.

The report says, usually, the action that American president takes between lieutenancy can be avoided at be being sued. But this 山东大州建筑模板有限公司lawsuit is standing of government of individually and rather than is aimed at Telangpu, the duty that says any behavior in controversy hold the position of a president with him has nothing to do.

Lawyer Sailesi of Thompson expresses, seditipc木工模板是什么材质KJ附近哪有建筑模板卖BMon, or the election outcome that tries to intervene congress approves constitution place to protect, these act are unthinkable inside day-to-day responsibility limits of the president. He still emphasizes, from the point of this respect, his bearing resembles other any average citizens are same.

On Feburary 13, gi什么是模板KEnseng courtyard announces Telangpu is in the 2nd times in impeach case innocent, this impeach case accuses Telangpu is incendiary congress is riot. Nevertheless, associated press says, the end of impeach case is examined for Xin Yibo law open wide a gate, congressman or execute the law in what when answering insurrection, get hurt personnel, have the suit of other type possibly also to Telangpudi.

Telangpu phonat木工模板es again after impeach case

Sharp attack joins chief of courtyard republ建筑用胶模板ican party

On the other hand, local time 16 days, telangpu publishs outgiving after impeach case, sharp attack Er of Nai of宝康木业有限公司 Mai Kang of chief of senatorial republic party.

Telangpu says, if Maikang建筑模板的价格naier still holds the position of chie施工模板BPf of senatorial republic party, then republic party also won’t resemble be mixed before in that way by e

steem again powerful.

Accordingly before report, maikangnaier ever rioted with respect to congress for many times incident expresses dissatisfaction to Telangpu. Although Telangpu by acquittal hind, he still expresses, telangpu should pay practice to go up to this incident wi建筑模板厂商SLth honorary responsibility.

Original title: After Telangpu prosecutes impeach case by assemblyman of the Democratic Party or be faced with Xin Yibo law to examine? Responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li

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