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Syrian army says division of border district of week of Damascus of Israel air attack

Damascus of Xinhua News Agency on Feburary 28 report (Wang Jian of reporter Zheng Yihan) Syrian army says 28 days, is建筑模板多少一块rael is opposite that evening area of border district of week of appraise capital Damascus starts missile to make a surprise attack, down of system of appr木工模板价格a石坊木业有限公司ise air defence major missile.

Syrian department of defense makes a statement that evening say, local time 22 when 16 minutes, israel army launchs air attack from dire

ction of its occupational Ge Lan upland, to Damascus periphery many targets fire missile, intercept of system of appraise air defence and dow建筑木胶板价格n raids missile for the most part. Statement did not allude the personal casualty that air attack causes and belongings loss circumstance.

The reporter when the accident hears tremendous detonation in Damascus the city zone, see there often is air defence missile to had delimited in sky.

Israel respect has not make a response to this one incident.


After Syrian civil war erupts, with army for many times in order to hit in

stallation of Iranian military affairs target of churchyard of air attack apprais建筑模板那家好e. Syria and 动画模板Iranian government all deny Iran to there is garrison in appraise. On Feburary 15, area of Damascus week border district ever made a surprise attack by missile, appraise army criticises Israel launched air attack. On Feburary 25模板有什么品牌AN, u.S. Army battleplan carries out b建筑工程模板厂WDomb to area of border of Syrian the eastpart part, syria gives subsequently strong condemnation.

Original title: Syrian army says responsibility of area of bor建筑模板供应厂家de

r district of week of Damascus of Israel air attack edits: Ceng Shaolin

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