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[yangtao takes law small key] _ eats methodological _ how to eat –

Cover monkey peach is the common fruit of daily life, nutrient composition Zuo is very tall. The flay that peach of monkey ill will cover is below the case that a lot of people take yangtao is relatively disadvantageous. But actually the edible method of cover monkey peach is various, and卖建筑模板哪里有KY flay also is have a few little skill. If advertent means, eating yangtao also is very convenient, what does that Zuo concern the edible method of cover monkey peach and little skill to have? The cover monkey peach that these perfect 1. thoroughly presses moment gently to feel its flesh is relatively soft forcibly, his edible method is very simple at that time, can take a clean watermelon knife, cover monkey peach from the one divides into two intermediate, the ladle with subsequently clean reoccupy digs the flesh inside to put instantly eat in the entrance it is OK to go down. The s

ave labour when be being saved already in that way clean environment is wholesome. A peach-shaped thing of 2. cover monkey is right still use at doing applebutter, its flesh is fresh and tender, it does reoccupy below the circumstance of applebutter, can put flesh muti_function in arrange machine, agitate is become mushy, add old rock candy mix is even, bloat be soiled a few hours, in putting the flesh of cover monkey peach that has bloated to clean boiler again subsequently, add lukewarm临沂市永固木业 burn, reoccupy slow fire boils ten minutes, boil flesh of cover monkey peach ability is OK after giving ropy slimy state flameout. The cover monkey a peach-shaped thing with these 3. relatively good flesh needs expurgation skin, cut becomes lump later, the fresh fruit supplement that can love it and other oneself is together, irrigate on proper salad sauce, after fruit of make it yoghurt is scooped up, eat again. Cover monkey peach gets rid of in Qing Dynasty after exocarp, acquisition flesh stil菏泽市牡丹区万方木业有限公司l can be put in fruit juice machine to ex河北廊坊木模板厂家tract fruit juice workers to also be used, but it plunges into reoccupy proper mineral water and pure honey are sure to add below the circumstance of fruit juice, or very can acerbity pharynx making a person does not issue his water fruit juice. 4. is eating yangtao, the little skill that it husks must hold before, the both sides that can use a peach-shaped thing of clean monkey of watermelon hilt cover after peach of monkey of cover of choose and buy is cut each below a bit, let it appear the flesh inside, the watermelon knife with relatively small reoccupy, down the position between is inserted into in the middle of exocarp and flesh install to cover monkey peach, rotate forcibly watermelon knife, rotate down flesh when it the exocarp that a week eats cover monkey a peach-shaped thing and flesh can depart of course come out, it is OK that after desertioning exocarp desertioning exocarp, acquisition flesh takes i建筑模板的价格一览表nstantly.

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