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[the effect of walnut carapace and action and edible method] – of benefit of _ advantage _

Walnutmeat as a kind of relatively hot nut not only eat a very sweet, and have effect of more powerful be good at head, everybody often walnutmeat medium pithy get the medicines and chemical reagents that goes out to make Cheng Jian head and healthy drink, divide walnut flesh besides, walnut skin also has certain effect, walnut skin invades bubble and manufacturing treatment to be able to be taken later in all previous classics, also a kind of vest in tonic, below introduces the action of walnut skin and effect actually in detail. The a bitth: The effect of walnutWhen mastering to walnutmeat, nutrition of meeting disclosure walnutmeat is rich, amid includes the a衡水建筑模板公司lbumen of rich and colorful, reach its human body is adipose and mineral, amid contains the vitamin B2 of rich and colorful and vitamin E, because this can prevent body cell fragile change, be aimed at beneficial head, raising the body to remember ability to wait have hand completely, especially the vitam建筑用模板价格AQinic component with distinctive amid, not only the assimilation that can reduce intestines and stomach to be aimed at cholesterol is absorbed, still can prevent a hair to reach the state that its fall down in vain. at 2 o’clock: Of walnutmeat have a wayIf be the sexual price that begins walnutmeat to take,compare nowadays now tall, can detect, it is OK to need to be taken instantly only. Can be same, walnutmeat also has other have a way. One is walnut crisp, can basis general walnutmeat and paddy rice, big jujube begin make, make make it walnut crisp, not only delicate and goluptious and contain nutrient part. The 2nd kind of means is to do walnut congee. Some everybody make in the light of walnut congee now Zuo is to have proper care, walnutmeat can be added below the case that develops congee to make, return the function of walnut of OK and sufficient play additiona建筑工程模板ABlly in compensatory and calorific quantity. Begin control circumstance to fall nowadays now, can detect, walnutmeat and action and effect are reached nowaday工地建筑模板s have a way, be more. A lot of nowadays everybody, it is to b

e able to see, now nowadays because walnutmeat is to have a lot of effect, because this can be in,live daily usually, will do well of walnutmeat take, produce the effect of walnut adequately, in the light of everybody health of body and mind can hav建筑模板的价格e stronger hand, become what daily life often can take to feed capable person.

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