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[scamper pigskin is sent with cold water bubble or] – of encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make

Scamper pigskin is one kind uses what pork skin makes and 启工木业有限公司become to feed capable person, also be one kind sufferred a lot of people enthusiastic gay feeds capable person. And in make below the circumstance of scamper pigskin, it is certain to need to be begun to pork skin first solve, the pig skin that just can ensure scamper goes out in that way has delicate and goluptious taste. But, a lot of people are not clear that scamper pigskin is to ought to use cold water bubble to open Zuo is to use other processing technique. Below, concern professional knowledge with respect to what introduce scamper pigsk建筑模板厂家FFRin for we all! One, scamper skin how polyurethane is epispastic The bubble of flesh opens way: Oily hair flesh makes a method: Oil of the vegetable on skin of will fresh pork is blown completely clean (can appear otherwise) of rancid fishy smell, hang flesh in subsequently give blast tuyere air to air, edible is used first before decoct blast alkaline will dry flesh is cleaned, air is basked in, put flesh and animal oil or edible oil in boiler together subsequently, low baking temperature bakes heat, again boil, want in this diligent scroll flesh, wait for flesh to be roused, loose like getting deep-fried twisted dough sticks resembling scamper, scoop up flesh refrigeration, namely make it oil sends flesh. The bubble of dry flesh leaves: oily hair flesh uses cold water macerate, add edible alkaline face to catch vegetable oil again wash clean, in be being put into boiled water again, boil a little while a bit, scoop up waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, put cool hind cut 4 centimeter with the knife long, 2 centimeter are wide piece, reoccupy cold water is caught wash for many times, bubble is invaded in putting cold water 3 hour, bilge till leather dried meat floss, extensive is white, fish out, accuse to do water share. 2, the practice of scamper skin1, in after vivid pigskin clears clean, be being put into cold water boiler, slow fire changes to boil pork skin to add thick lose color after fire is burned. Scoop up the pig skin that has boiled, put cool hind the vegetable oil that blows flay flesh lining with the knife. 2, become the pork skin that solves clean vegetable oil with knife cut a look with 5 broad centimeter, the line tangles wear a to hang up the local air with ventilated and shady and cool nature to bask in. 3, general cool below 7 skies, p

ork skin can do impetuous, leather air basks in pork to exert oneself to d工地建筑模板尺寸o sth. can the level of strand. 4, edible oil is received in boiler, oily 7 when becoming heat, put into pork skin to work, slow fire blast makes pork skin Peng the pine is tonal it is OK to become yellow. The skin scoops up good scamper pork to accuse only oil, obligate. 5, the pork Pi Fang with good blast puts bowl i高唐县金福源木业有限公司nto boiling water in later invade bubble again 6 hour fluctuate, pork skin can change Song Peng goes up and provide quite extend a gender. 6, the scamper pigskin cool air with good bubble, heat boiling water, or as vegetable as other melon and fruit cook all but. Little hintScamper pigskin is not fat feeling, my understanding is not fat like the oil residue when our refine is lardy fundamental same; The ooze outside the meeting after the blast of decoct of classics of vegetable oil experience in pork skin. The pig skin with good blast has been boiled with boiling water after invading bubble several hours again, can more and more slippery bright has extend a gender. 1, after vivid pigskin tap water is boiled but convenient blow the vegetable oil that removes lining. 2, it is very easy that the boiler when blast of dry pork skin is made rolls oil mediumly spurt is splashed, want safe hint. 3, after Pi Yongqing burns the pork with good blast, invade bubble 6 hour fluctuation is OK Peng is loose and provide quite extend a gender. 4, scamper pigskin wants slow fire, water is warm need not tall the pork skin porosity that otherwise scamper becomes is big, the gender is extended after bubble is good small. 3, how does scamper skin eatDeepfry pigskin, apply edible oil or anima长宁木业有限公司l fat to begin pork skin scamper to make namely. Deepfry pigskin can work it is OK still to eat after bubble of all previous classics leaves, can use at moving cold dish, heat boiling water, or as vegetable as other melon and fruit cook. Dry eat deepfry pigskin to seem to eat Peng Hua food, crisp, the deepfry pigskin after taking bubble to attend a meeting feels sweet and not be bored with, bull bear bright slips, extend a gender dye-in-the-wood.

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