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[the effect of soft persimmon and action] – of benefit of _ advantage _

Of persimmon eat a law to have a lot of, and the type also is various, cake of a few persimmon is put soft later taste will be

better. No matter be general persimmon cake Zuo ,be pumpkin be good part completely to the person’s body, but be below eating case, Zuo is to want measurable taking, apply pumpkin below a few circumstances it is better that in the dietotherapy in cooking practical effect is met, have effect of certain dietotherapy health care. Are the action of that Zuo pumpkin and effect what? The action of pumpkin and effect1, pumpkin has clear regulating blood condition to be in charge of rubbish, improve the effect with heart head ill b建筑工程土石方施工许模板BFlood-vessel. 2, pumpkin has invigorate the circulation of blood to come loose blood, fall the action with blood pressure wet, antiphlogistic benefit. Can use at cure haemoptysis, n/med having blood in one’s stool, bleed, the state of illness such as haematemesis. 3, pumpkin has clear hot detoxify to promote the secretion of 山西建筑模板公司saliva or body fluid stop stomach of beneficial of thirsty, be good at taste, medicinal powder hematic invigorate the circulation of blood, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the action of bowel of satisfy one’s thirst. 4, the effect that pumpkin has solution alcoholic drink. Because pumpkin can drive the air oxidation of the alcohol in blood, assist the our body metabolization to alcohol, reduce the alcohol harm to our body. How does soft persimmon eat, thin pancake made of millet flour of food grains other than wheat and rice of cake of persimmon of sesame seed stuffingRaw material: Pink of starch o覆膜板尺寸一般是多少f pumpkin, wheaten flour, cassava, unripe egg, water, sesame seed, candy, pure honey, broken earthnutCourse of action: 1, persimmon cake takes the flesh and unripe egg to use muti_function mix after juice of arrange machine agitate panada. 2, sesame seed pink mixes candy. 3, panada has closed to wake 15 cent Zuo , the roll that wrap a skin becomes cake. 4, cake face brushs pure honey, scatter broken earthnut. 5, add pyroelectricity oven, small fire 150 degrees, the 20~30 that bake minute. 6, give box to place dish. 2, persimmon cake bolusRaw material: Pumpkin is 500 grams, wheaten flour is 200 grams, white saccharic oil of the 35 grams, pink that send filial piety, edible each are properCourse of action: 1, pumpkin husks, into Pan Yongzhu chopsticks agitate is done rare ropy, add candy of wheaten flour, Bai Sha and pink of hair filial piety again, tone is become equably dry rare proper persimmon cake is burnt, static put about 10 minutes to reserve. 2, clean boiler is easy suffer from excessive internal heat, introduce edible oil to burn to 45 into heat, persimmon cake burnt hand is squeezed into meatball, the blast in boiler leaving below shows golden scene to color and ripe when, scoop up drop oil to place dish, scatter finally on a few Bai Sha candy, become namely. How is pumpkin saved1, Tibet of the caboodle inside the room. Choose shady and cool to do impetuous, the room with ventilated and good nature, after igniting sulfureous pink to begin disappear poison bacterium, underground spreads the He Cao with 15-20 thick centimeter, the persimmon cake of make choice of gently accumulation is on grass, thick 4-5 layer. Also can install persimmon cake basket accumulation. On the control of temperature humidity, be like inside the room did not have frozen plant, when the temperature outdoor crosses 0 ℃ high, should early in late nature is ventilated, sealing of become known day window door, advertent heat insolation. Air humidity is less than 90% when, add as far as possible wet. This kind of means stores up period shorter. 2, outdoor wear Tibet. Choose landform taller, shady area, build tall 1-1.2 rice to wear, wide decide with the long quantity that occupy lay aside, wear lower berth bamboo or corn straw, the wheat straw with thi建筑木方生产厂家BFck centimeter of lower berth 10-15, put the persimmon cake that has chosen to frame, thick about 30 centimeter. Spend when when be less than 0 ℃ , require heat preservation of heat insolation of cover wheat straw. Wear top to set room backbone form to prevent canopy. 3, refrigerate a deposit of course. Refrigerating a law of course is persimmon cake puts shady and cool place, hold the post of its aspic clean. Choose edaphic temperature low, place back this world digs the trench that is 35 centimeter widely, greatly each, the corn straw of 5-10 centimeter is extended inside channel, above persimmon cake fluctuates 5 layers, build the persimmon cake of aspic clean again on the He Cao with 30-60 thick centimeter, maintain ultralow temperature. Month of storage life 3-4. 4, gas packaging deposit. Cent falls quickly Co2 is conc建筑工地模板厂家直销octive fall of course Co2 moves 2 kinds. Rapid deoxydization is the mixture energy of life that will chosen beforehand the quantity that contain oxygen 30% , carbon dioxide 6% , enter plastic account continuously or in bag, or the means that uses deoxydization full nitrogen, make fruit lies quickly suitable steam style in environment.

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