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[papaya turns gene is how to return a responsibility] _ mutation _ affects –

We often eat papaya at ordinary times, it is a kind of very common fruit, nutrient composition is very tall, but say papaya is one kind turns all the time in last few years the fresh fruit of gene paddy, after taking, to body and mind health is not quite good, average person turns in the light of papaya gene paddy is not to master exceedingly, contemporary person takes the health of body and mind of oneself seriously highly more and more, go up in dieta金盾木业有限公司ry collocation especially, one hear is to turn the thing of gene paddy, can eat without the person commonly. Does papaya turn what reason is gene paddy? Papaya has a kind of virus disease that cannot prevent, it is annulus spot mosaic poison, a kind of global virus that it is production of papaya of a kind of harm is affected, advocate after the bine suffers be contaminated, do not have a law to develop reasonable cure, affect fruit character and output instantly. Accordingly, breed home people application turns gene technology will resist infection of this one virus, let papaya cause repellency. Accordingly, papaya if it were not for turns gene paddy, did not have results basically. Poison introduces annulus spot mosaic in detail: Harm rectifies a greenery, leaf, bine and fruit or pod. After go to the bad, whole short shrink; leaf is hazy, tonal and unusual, the fruit of cortical fade; of abnormal; bine and pod abnormal. The clinical symptom on papaya is leaf hazy abnormal, spot of annulus of abnormal fruit surface layer, bine, foliaceous bine spot. Why is cure of greenery disease-resistant poison sure to turn gene paddy? Grain crop is growing the harm that development can suffer varied harmful腹膜模板DF biological control in the process completely. Key of disease of great majority greenery relies on biology pesticide to prevent, chemical fertilizer can kill grain crop insect pest, wee建筑木方模板回收KJd and greenery pathogeny bacterium, bacteria, infuso高唐县众发木业有限公司rian reasonably, but be out of order to plant virus. Virus infection inbreaks move, after greenery body, use the Zuo source in target cell, the gene of oneself of a lot of copies is produced make new protein case, spell the since outfit again, produced the virus grain of a lot of new generation, go influencing the body cell with many host and human body apparatus subsequently. Because organic chemistry medicines and chemical reagents does not have a law to check commonly,virus affects the copy in host body, multiply, the mankind that basically causes by virus infection entirely or animal disease also can seductively dressed or made up without special medicine cure (” Da Fei ” can seductively dressed or made up cure flu is the) outside extremely specific line, rely on system of human body immunity to produce antibody彬国木业有限公司 to answer virus to affect completely, if can obtain successful ground to keep clear of virus, disease is good (if virus is sexy,risk) . Little imagine greenery is not had like the mankind and puppy system of that kind human body immunity, cannot kill virus in order to produce antibody, this makes plant virus disease cannot prevent very. Choose and fostering repellency sort is the another reasonable kind that prevents grain crop disease. A few sort of a few crop or their family member is planted naturally group the likelihood is had fight gene of heredity of bug, disease resistance, cultivate breed and them to begin commonly mix kind, can get fighting sexual gene likely. Tens of year come everybody got a lot of grain crop that fight bug, disease resistance mix kind of sort. But, not be to be aimed at disease of avery kind of, nature is put opposite repellency greenery can be crossbreeding commonly used, even if can search repellency raw material, breed sort of a repellency to also need a lot of tests, in picking the job, when be being used normally 10 years long, very multifarious. And be opposite plant virus, rate of their gene mutation is rapid, very easy and abrupt change gives the new poisonous individual plant that overcomes greenery disease-resistant poison to treat genetic gene, make Fu Zhidong spreads the effect of crossbree


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